[PD] Linux newbie, alsa problems

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Dec 10 01:33:17 CET 2003

David NG McCallum hat gesagt: // David NG McCallum wrote:

> I've got the .asoundrc as they instructed in the ALSA howto for the Quattro.
> So am I supposed to do something like "-audiodev q4" or whichever setup 
> I want to try?

The -audiodev option only accepts numbers and translates them to hw:X
or plughw:X, I'm not sure which one. With older Pd's you could use
"-alsadev DEVICE_NAME" to select "q4" or "q4b". This is currently
disabled, but promised to come back. 

Currently you only can use two channels with -alsa and -oss, as far as
I could test.

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