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Me, and a few of my colleagues also really enjoyed your video. Im trying to
get one of them to learn GEM so that i can collaborate with them, so far not
much luck since she isnt very technical but maybe if you could share a bit
more information on how this thing came about she'd get turned on...
Is this something that was within a totally controlled process or is there a
lot of random stuff happening?
Off-topicbtw i was completly unaware of all the stuff @ archive.org; just
saw the letter and think that is awesome too :) (although totally off-topic

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That is really cool! I really liked it. I'm also interested to know more
about how you did it. What OS (Win, Linux, Mac)? And only with PD/GEM or
pdp/pidip too? How it was captured?

Pixelcorrection at wmconnect.com wrote: 

Awhile back there was question on this list as to whether users of PD+GEM
were actually doing performances or just tweeking around with computers.  I
want to assure you that performers the pders are.  I have don't many such,
and if you are San Francisco or more specifically Oakland this weekend I
will tell you where.  But to prove it, you can now download one of my works
at this address: 


you have to have broadband or a lot of patience because it is in VCD Mpeg1
resolution (50Mb), but there are some stills of  chapter points that can
give you and idea of the peice.   

hope some of you out there get some enjoyment from this little stocking


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