[PD] bad screen distance "pdtk_pd_dio"

michael at algo.mur.at michael at algo.mur.at
Wed Dec 10 16:21:42 CET 2003

hello this reMI speaking ....  
i have installed alsa, jack and pd under gentoo with the rme hdsp card ......  
everthing seems to function, only one problem that i get the error  
bad screen distance "pdtk_pd_dio"  
invalid command name "number"  
when i want to write more then 4 sec in a table  
anybody an idea what that is?  
gr MI  
pd 37 miller 
/usr/local/bin/pd -jack -mididev 1 -channels 18 -audiobuf 10  
jackd -v -R -d alsa -d hdsp -r 44100 -H  
hdsp firmware 

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