[PD] bad screen distance "pdtk_pd_dio"

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Wed Dec 10 18:57:54 CET 2003

hi MIchi,

michael at algo.mur.at wrote:
> hello this reMI speaking ....  
> i have installed alsa, jack and pd under gentoo with the rme hdsp card ......  
> everthing seems to function, only one problem that i get the error  

If this is the biggest problem, I am impressed! ;-)

> bad screen distance "pdtk_pd_dio"  
> invalid command name "number"  

Is it a fatal error? Does it crash the patch?

Or is it just annoying?

But seriously: I get 'bad screen distance' errors sometimes when using 
complex patches that are all on one window, and I try to send something 
[sometimes to a table] from the bottom of the screen to the top. The 
order of operations gets confused [top-to-bottom, left-to-right...oh 
sh*t, is that correct, or is it right-to-left?] and gives you 'bad 
screen distance'.

I know screen position really *shouldn't* matter, but if you look at the 
text version of your patch, you will see why: a function earlier in the 
patch is waiting for a function later in the patch. [Can any of you C 
gurus confirm or deny this?]

Try reordering your objects and subpatches in the window and see if that 


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