[PD] First time PD Linux user: what Linux to get?

Matthew Allen matthew at lith.com
Thu Dec 11 01:15:50 CET 2003

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> From: Frank Barknecht [mailto:fbar at footils.org]
 want to use it...
> But Debian (unstable/experimental) has the best, most up-to-date and
> complete Pd and Pd external packages almost right from the CVS. ;)

Which is the only reason I have decided to go Debian.

	I did as Derek Mentioned and started off with RH9 and planet CCRMA.
However until a few days ago they were still on version .36. Verion .37 is
loosely supported with the Fedora stuff on planet, but this was after I made
my switch to Debian. That being said, the install was smoother than butter,
everything went perfect. I can't give the ccrma guys enough props.

	The install was pretty painless using woody 3.0r1. However on Monday
a version of Sarge was released with the new installer, this may or may not
be easier to use. Woody installed painlessly (ok not so painless, it was
completely clueless about my now ancient apple monitor, but that only took
some mild googling to find the manuals and the Vsync and Hsync stuff) with
2.2 kernel (not real time of course). I then used the Agnula packages
(www.agnula.org) to upgrade my kernel and add alsa support for my midiman
4/10.  This also went well. What has been slightly more painful has been
getting the most recent packages onto CD (this machine has no net access). I
have spent the last 2 days downloading all 24 testing/unstable disks (16
gigs!!!! Gotta love jigdo and a 100mbs pipe), so I can do a nice app upgrade
this weekend.


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