[PD] pd externals deb(ian)-packages

Pablo caedes at sindominio.net
Thu Dec 11 02:09:43 CET 2003

Hi! Sorry about the late answer but this days i don't have an easy
connection to the internet... 

i have an unofficial debian repository for some pd-externals especially
degoyon's ones. (Actually that's the only thing i have apart from pdp
and some experimental things)

The repository is located at:
deb http://sindominio.net/~caedes/debian unstable main

or you can get them by http from

The externals i have are pd-pdp (this is a more recent version than
debians) pd-pidip, and pd-unauthorized (the rest of degoyon's externals).
The only thing missing is pd-gem2pdp, which is actually there but named
as gem2pdp ang giving an error because it depend's on pdp instead of
pd-pdp. Also the version of pd-pidip is not the latest but i hope to fix
all this soon.

i hope this is of help!


Buenas Yves Degoyon, el 05 de dic de 2003, a las 02:27 escribiste:
> Frank Barknecht wrote:
> >Hallo,
> >huolong at arcor.de hat gesagt: // huolong at arcor.de wrote:
> >
> >>i found out in the list-archives that theres pd deb-packages in
> >>unstable/experimental. works nice btw.
> >>
> >>but, is someone doing deb-packages from pd externals, specially
> >>gem+pdp+pidip ?
> >>
> >
> >Yes, Gem exists for ages and is called "gem", pdp is called "pd-pdp"
> >and I don't know about pidip.
> >
> sure, it exists, called pd-pidip i think,
> but i don't really know how to get it
> and which version cause i'm not a debian user...
> err, maybe pablo can answer this...
> sevy
> >
> >
> >ciao
> >

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