[PD] First time PD Linux user: what Linux to get?

'Frank Barknecht' fbar at footils.org
Thu Dec 11 01:49:46 CET 2003

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>  want to use it...
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> > But Debian (unstable/experimental) has the best, most up-to-date and
> > complete Pd and Pd external packages almost right from the CVS. ;)
> Which is the only reason I have decided to go Debian.
> 	I did as Derek Mentioned and started off with RH9 and planet CCRMA.
> However until a few days ago they were still on version .36. Verion .37 is
> loosely supported with the Fedora stuff on planet, but this was after I made
> my switch to Debian. That being said, the install was smoother than butter,
> everything went perfect. I can't give the ccrma guys enough props.

... and actualy it's only one guy! 

Just to make it clean: In no way I intend not to praise Fernando's
work on the Planet. And RedHat/Fedora might be easier to get started
with, too, than Debian.

But then, Debian is getting more user-friendly, too. And it often is
the one distribution, many eperienced users like to stay with, once

On my main machine I run a Debian installation that is now several
years old, survived many changes of harddisk, mainboard and CPU (it
was first installed on a 486!). I just upgraded it regularily, but
never reinstalled it. 

That's why the ease-of-use of the first-install process doesn't matter
a single bit to me. For others this probably is more important, but 
as Debian allows for (nearly) painless upgrades, this isn't relevant
in the long run. At least that's my opinion and experience.

To run Pd any distribution will do a great job.

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