[PD] PDffmpeg stream counter-WSIS @ geneve

rama medialist at xicnet.com
Thu Dec 11 06:38:11 CET 2003

hi, as u might know, the World Summit on the Information Society is
being held at Geneve during these days.

many groups and individuals from a lot of countries are met together at
a parallel event called "WSIS? We Seize!" which is part of the geneva03
project as an action of protest.

There are three projects within WE SEIZE: PolyMediaLab, HighNoon and the
StrategicConference (S-CONF)."

taken from http://geneva03.net

we are running an ffmpeg stream from pd having several video sources (a
loop is playing now until activities begin before Thursday 11 midday)

you can check http://ayp.unia.es:8090/test1.mpg

it seems quite stable for long hours, no audio for the moment though.

all pd'ers willing to joing the action/event are welcome to send streams
and also pick.

i have some working (buggy) patches for doing mp3 streams from the
mixing of several audio sources (2 hdd ogg, 2 incoming mp3 streams, 2
soundcard inputs, and 2 p2p pd audio inputs) and also one for mixing
video and stream out to ffmpeg or p2p to another host running same

that is published (but not announced yet) at http://rama.xicnet.com.
feel free to download, modify, redistribute, destroy, recreate,

stream u soon!

rama <medialist at xicnet.com>

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