PD stack checking, was: [PD] py/pyext (error: stack overflow)

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Thu Dec 11 12:32:08 CET 2003

Hi Vincent,
thanks for your report.

It's my impression that pd's stack checking can't deal with the larger
amount of stack space that is needed by Python.
I once looked into the stack checking and it seemed fairly non-portable,
that's why i implemented a different approach a while ago. It can be found
in the devel_0_37 cvs branch. I hope Miller does have a look at it and use
it for the official version.

best greetings,

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> Dear all,
> I use pyext on winxp, and it worked perfectly :-)
> On linux, strangely enough, I can only get it to work partially though.
> The simple-3.pd example patch display a stack overflow error each time one
> tries to write to outlets.
> I use the latest cvs version of flext and py/pyext and python2.3 (tried
> also with Python2.2).
> Any ideas?
> /vr
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