flext objects visible in GOPs, was: [PD] message in GOP

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Thu Dec 11 23:26:40 CET 2003

Hi Frank,
tomorrow's pool cvs version will have the mentioned XML load bug fixed.
(btw, i'm still open for changes to the XML format... the current one has
the problem, that <key> items for a directory can in principle appear after
many <value> items, which makes loading difficult - therefore, currently the
<key> MUST appear first - a thing that can't be checked by a DTD, i guess)

many thanks,

> Cool, I'll try it tomorrow, or maybe Saturday. BTW: I only briefly
> could try the new pool. Saving xml works fine, but after loading I
> sometimes get lots of errors like this when trying to print out the
> content:
> error: flext: Internal error in file source/flatom_pr.cpp, line 52 -
please report
> pool - printroot: error retrieving directories

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