[PD] Re: A couple of small fluid~ problems

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Fri Dec 12 04:18:19 CET 2003

On Wednesday 10 December 2003 08:14, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> Larry Troxler hat gesagt: // Larry Troxler wrote:
> > There's one feature I thought of implementing, but from what I remember
> > of how fluid is structured, it would require modifications to the fluid
> > library: that is, to have an external which has a seperate output for
> > each voice.
> >
> > Because this feature probably wouldn't interest too many people, I've
> > decided to give up on the idea for now.
> It's not that far out: IIRC there was a discussion on fluid-dev some
> time ago if and how to implement exactly that, or at least more than
> stereo out. It might be tricky, though.
> I also would like to see that, if alone for independent panning of
> different instruments (like hihat left, conga right and bassdrum in
> the center, which is not possible with fluidsynth currently, as
> panning is always per channel, IIR)
> ciao

Tackling your last paragraph first, I don't understand why that wouldn't be 
possible already, unless perhaps fluid doesn't yet support all the soundfont 
features. I think I really don't understand your second sentence that is in 
the parentheses - I don't understand what you mean by "per channel" - what is 
a  channel in this context? Certainly in a drum soundfont, each sound could 
be assigned to a certain pan angle, no? 

At any rate, as per what I was wanting to do, I think I wasn't clear enough, 
or else there was some ambiguity about the definition of "voice". By voice, I 
did not mean a separate instrument, but rather, an instance of a a note 
synthesizer  attached to a single soundfont zone.  What I was thinking of, is 
a single soundfont zone attached to my large Piano soundfont. However, 
instead of letting fluid mix everything together, I would like a seperate 
output for each overlappling instance of note events. This is quite different 
then having a seperate output simply for different instruments. 


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