[PD] nForce chipset [cheap rigs]

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Fri Dec 12 16:49:34 CET 2003


Malte Steiner wrote:

>beside me is a box from Shuttle with a nForce chipset. 

I think Marrtin Pi uses a Shuttle for his performances and 
installations, running Linux and PDP. You might ask him....

> My goal is to have a decent rig of machines for an upcomming exhibition.
> But as a 'private' artist, budget is a concern. 

Have you considered a LinuXBox? EUR 200 average price, cheaper used, 
small size, 733 MHz, lots of USB for soundcards, NVidea GForce chip, 
running Linux, PD, PDP, Gem... what more do you need? I have been told 
that newer releases of XBox are "unhackable"... but they have said that 
before. See:



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