[PD] So, what do you us this for?

Umiachi umiachi at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 13 00:48:35 CET 2003


I've found myself in a design slump with PD over the
last few weeks and I figured maybe you guys can lend
some inspiration. I've learned how to noodle together
objects and expressions, alter midi data paths and
construct sound producers, but I'm now at a loss for
how and where to apply this knowledge I've gleaned.
So, I'm here to ask: What do you use PD for? 

A primary canvas for audio exploration?

A game for noodling?

A sequencer?

It seems that, since PD can't be hosted in my primary
tools for production (logic and cubase), its uses have
become somewhat limited. Sure, I can mangle samples in
it (to be imported into another editor for touch up
work, then exported to my samplers), but that's about
all it's useful for it me at the moment. 

I can make midi synths, but since they can't be
rewired (or hosted) in my DAWs, I loose out on a lot
of functionality. 

I can make generative music, but I'm more interested
in manually sequencing abstraction. 

I can make effects, but due to the hosting issues it
becomes a moot issue again.

I can make interesting midi systems, but - for the
work - it almost seems counterproductive to reinvent a
wheel logic's enviroment and cubase paved for me. I
honestly can't even think of anything I desire from a
midi system these don't already cover (i'm not into
analog styled sequencers, aside from control elements
for non-frequency related synth parameteres).

I don't do video.

So, maybe I can learn by proxy: What do you use this
for? Anybody care to share (audio links would be nice
as well)?

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