[PD] So, what do you us this for?

Joseph A. Sarlo jsarlo at ucsd.edu
Sat Dec 13 01:16:04 CET 2003

> It seems that, since PD can't be hosted in my primary
> tools for production (logic and cubase), its uses have
> become somewhat limited. Sure, I can mangle samples in
> it (to be imported into another editor for touch up
> work, then exported to my samplers), but that's about
> all it's useful for it me at the moment.
> I can make midi synths, but since they can't be
> rewired (or hosted) in my DAWs, I loose out on a lot
> of functionality.

If you're using MS Windows, PdVst should work with both Logic and Cubase (if
not, I'd like to hear about it.) There isn't vst-instrument support just
yet, but it should be coming very soon.


jsarlo at ucsd.edu

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