[PD] So, what do you us this for?

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Sat Dec 13 13:12:35 CET 2003


apart from creating media art which not seems interesting for you, I 
recently start to use PD as a modular effectbox. Having a meanwhile old 
laptop with an USB audiobox with no task I integrated it in my studio 
the oldschool analog way like you would integrate other synths and 
effects. I started to develop several basic blocks for processing which 
can be easily connected, the biggest task was to store settings AT LEAST 
one per patch. I did an abstraction but maybe another approach is more 
common, maybe someone an idea?
I ever wanted to have an Eventide box but now I got something simular 
and when you look at their editors its actually the same thing. I got 
real big fun with pitchshifters connected to lfos, another delays and 
feedbacks. I plan to put the modules online because I believe its a good 
way to reuse your old computers.
You can even create something like a Roland V-Synth when you look on the 
FFT tutorials and combine it with filters and resonators.

In an artist-in-residency I implemented some synthesis technics, maybe 
you look at


it shouldnt be so difficult to implement midi. Currently these patches 
where used on old pcs connected over ethernet. Every instrument is 
controlled by a stepsequencer, synced by a masterclock broadcasted over 
the network.



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