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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Dec 13 15:58:17 CET 2003

derek holzer hat gesagt: // derek holzer wrote:

> Now, about setting the environmental variable...
> Where would be a good place for that? I can
> export LADSPA_PATH=/usr/lib/ladspa
> every time, but isn't that what things like the .pdrc are for? But, of 
> course, it doesn't go there...

No, .pdrc is not a good place, as LADSPA_PATH is also used by other
LADSPA enabled applications. Normally you would put things like that
into /etc/profile or ~/.bash_profile rsp. .bashrc
I use /etc/environment and ~/.environment for that, and source this
file in .xsession and similar places. Example: 

# ~/.environment
# ...
# ...

Then in ~/.bash_profile I have this: 

# source and export env:
if [ -f ~/.environment ] ; then
  . ~/.environment
 for n in `grep -v ^# ~/.environment | cut -s -d= -f1`; do export $n; done

and I do the same in ~/.xsession

The advantage is, that .environment contains just simple "var=value"
pairs and I can extend or shorten the list very easily. (.environment
is also used by ssh, BTW.)

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