[PD] GEM Newbie questions on interface, reaction time, stability

Andreas Niemand niemand at orangelight.de
Sun Dec 14 14:47:10 CET 2003

Hi ! I am very new to PD, not everything is quite clear in the whole 
thing to me, also some errors occur in using it.

I am using macosx 10.2.8 on a ibook 700 (G3) and tcl/TK 8.4 ( i think 
it's 8.4.1.). My version of pd is 0.37.

Sometimes pd/gem quits unexpected while performing via "bus error" or 
interface problems ( i don't remember the exact shell-output).  Why ?

How many times can the same movie of pix_film be connected to different 
geometrical objects?
How many movies in general can be handled simultaneous in a setup?

It seems that the tcl/tk-interface is reacting slower and slower over 
time using it (creating a window, clicking some sliders, destroying it. 
creating it again... etc)?

how does the different things belong together ?
pd : the main language
gem: the graphic extension to pd
pdp ?
pidip ?
zexy ?
freeframe ?
paradiddle: an graphical extension to pd

is that right ? who does the questionmarked things fit in ? How are the 

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