[PD] (Facts Please !) a mac or pc with Linux for PD

shreeswifty bigswift at ufl.edu
Sun Dec 14 17:31:31 CET 2003

I run Linux redhat7.3 on my vaio, it took quite some tinkering to get
everything to work.
but fancy pre-compiled nando (planet ccrma helped alot.), but i ended up
with a custom private kernel with several patches. I still cannot gain full
functionality from my 2|6 soundcard in any platform with pd -Linux or not.
The portaudio asio still only allows matching ins/outs. Alsa allowed me to
use my MIdiMan2x2 after more fussing.

OSX on the other hand found everything and I am slowly crossing APPS that
were "Only Linux" rather quickly these days
PowerPV, PVNation, Cecilia,Amber,PVC,STK,csound, etc..all work in oSX with
the same speed
pd-GEM on OSX is pretty darn cool too, while pd-Gem linux has always been a
little shakey.
Not too mention Video Editing
There is no real workable free Linux video editor IMHO
Cinelerra & Broadcast are a maze.
Main Actor is just a damn rip off and a bunch of thieves.
OSX comes with iMovie
yet i digress

The main thing you want with a machine is what you want with anything
really. in my opinion - Full Functionality. Right now that seems to be OS X.


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I read:
> Well, if you're going to use Linux, buy a PC. Installing Linux on a Mac
> these days is a bit redundant seeing as MacOSX is *ix based.

what? you must be using windows then.

and the orginal question:
> > i do not want to unleash a sterile discussion about mac anc pc !
> > I just would like to know what king of hardware should i buy to install
> > Linux on a laptop and run PD ?

linux will be easier to get running on a pc, the pc will likely be
cheaper for the same cpu power, a lot of programs have intel assembly
optimizations but not altivec.

I happily run debian on my powerbook (and don't even ever boot into osx)
all the powersaving/sleep stuff works amazingly well (a total mess on my
vaio f.i.) just make sure you get an ati based one. Battery life is very
acceptable (again probably 3 minutes on my vaio) and of course linux runs
a lot faster than osx.

> > In terms of performance/price what should i buy a mac or pc ?

if performance/price ratio is your top concern get a pc



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