[PD] (Facts Please !) a mac or pc with Linux for PD

tigital at mac.com tigital at mac.com
Sun Dec 14 21:07:52 CET 2003

On Sunday, December 14, 2003, at 01:43  PM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:

> derek holzer wrote:
>> Hi Pat,
>> shreeswifty wrote:
>>> There is no real workable free Linux video editor IMHO
>> Have you looked at Jahshaka? It seems like the most "usable" video 
>> editor/processor going right now, and is in heavy development still. 
>> Worth a try...
>> http://www.jahshaka.com/
> Looks like it rocks. They have this interesting write up about apple 
> too ;)
> http://www.jahshaka.com/news/appled.html

...uh, I don't think there are too many companies that "embrace" any 
old open source developer that comes along...I mean, when he mentioned 
wanting developer support, that could be viewed as saying "please help 
me port this to your platform"...I ported jahshaka to OSX back in the 
summer (as ports go, it was very easy, which credits jah's programming 
skills), and I can understand why apple isn't interested:  there's 
really not a lot to it (yet), at least compared to the possibilities 
available with pd/GEM...plus, it's heavily based on trolltech's Qt, so 
why would apple want to get involved with that?  I really think he has 
unrealistic expectations...

my two cents,

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