[PD] Re:what to do 2

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sun Dec 14 23:44:50 CET 2003

JHAVE wrote:

>one surprisingly wonderful example 
>(which was announced here already)
>its like algorithm sleepbot
>pd's potential as generative anthropology is strong
>this site astounds me
>has anyone made a room where video and sound 
>are streamed in from online sources 
>and mixed by motion within the room?
>pdpip : how does it as a tool compared to softvns?
there are possibilities in pd/pdp/pidip,
i never used softVNS though,
i didn't asked for a MAC for christmas ))

just did all the streaming from Geneva 03 counter-summit
( www.geneva03.net )
using PD & webcams, affordable tech for everyone.

Cubase sound is ugly, that's why i started making my own tools
in PD 3 years ago.


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