[PD] (Facts Please !) a mac or pc with Linux for PD

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Mon Dec 15 16:29:42 CET 2003

Hello Jean,

I went through a similar thing a couple months back specing a new laptop.

I found the powerbook was the best laptop for the size, and performance I
could find.

There are faster PC laptops with better graphics but none so portable.

But really it depends on what your doing with PD! I'm using it for Gem
stuff, so a mac
was a good choice, also I wanted a great graphics card and the radeon
mobility cards (9600)
are far better than the closest nvidia ones (fx5650) Some reviews have
published numbers
showing the ati card to be twice as fast in some areas.

On the other hand I use pd/Gem under linux exclusively for installations.
With OSX lots of unix stuff can be done with OSX, but I'd prefer to mess
with such things are running X without a window manager, etc..! In my
experience gem 87 under linux is very stable. I've had an installation
running for over 100 days without crashes or reboots required.

looking around the list it seems that there are audio performance issues
with OSX...

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> Hello,
> i do not want to unleash a sterile discussion about mac anc pc !
> I just would like to know what king of hardware should i buy to install
> Linux on a laptop and run PD ?
> In terms of performance/price what should i buy a mac or pc ?
> Ciao,
> Jean Jacques
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