[PD] xp4pd - extreme programming over the network

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Mon Dec 15 21:38:11 CET 2003

Now that the Lille2004 work is finally winding down, I have time to  
release this:


This collection of Pd patches allows multiple users to edit a shared  
patch at
the same time over a network.  This allows Pd users to practice  
'extreme programming'
(aka 'XP') in realtime over the internet.  XP is the practice of 2 or  
programmers working on the same code at the same time collaboratively.

Currently, its very rudimentary, but I plan on flushing it out into a
complete XP environment.

This patch needs objects from a couple Pd external libs:
	  - [netclient], [netserver] from Olaf Matthes' maxlib
	  - [list2symbol], [niagara] from IOhannes Zmoelnig's zexy
	  - [shell] from guenter geiger's ggee
	  - [tot] from Kzrysztof Czaja's toxy
	  - [prepend] from Kzrysztof Czaja's cyclone ([prepend] from iemlib2  
	  	 not work for this because it lacks a [set( message)

As of maxlib v1.5, [netclient] is buggy, so you'll need the included  
version to really use xp4pd.



Using ReBirth is like trying to play an 808 with a long stick.
								-David Zicarelli

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