[PD] RE: [OT] migrating to linux

Matthew Allen matthew at lith.com
Mon Dec 15 23:39:29 CET 2003

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> From: Frank Barknecht [mailto:fbar at footils.org]
> > it was pretty easy to get things up and running smoothly (which is why I
> > keep pointing people to the CCRMA guys).
> CCRMA guy! Guy! One guy! Whose doing a hell of a good job. ;)

ok!!! Guy! Sorry Fernando.

> > like to move over to mostly shell based scripts as soon as I can.
> Don't do that. Bash is hell (a lot of hell going on in this mail, no
> offending intended).

I am mostly just trying to learn the syntax of it so I can figure out what
is going on in some of the larger shell scripts I have seen. Sort of like
opening someone else's Patch to figure out how they build things. I promise
not to forget any Python :) 

> So one possible way would be: Install a stable Debian base system.
> Only a minimal set of packages, no X (so X can't break on the upgrade)
> and similar, but with net access.

ok interesting, Ill give that a shot (I don't have net access so I have to
do an 'apt-cdrom add'. 


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