[PD] xp4pd - extreme programming over the network

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Tue Dec 16 11:48:35 CET 2003

On Monday, Dec 15, 2003, at 22:04 Europe/Brussels, CK wrote:

> I read:
>> This collection of Pd patches allows multiple users to edit a shared
>> patch at
>> the same time over a network.  This allows Pd users to practice
> thanks a lot hans, this is absolutely great!
> take care,

For the next phase, I want to add state to the shared_patch so that I  
can keep a xp4pd_server running available to everyone and anyone can  
attach to it and see and edit the common patch.  It would then be like  
a Pd wiki.

I have to give props to Kzrysztof Czaja for toxy.  His [tot] made this  
quite simple.  For anyone who wants to port Pd to something other than  
Tcl/Tk, I suggest you try toxy.  It opens whole new realms of what Pd  
can do.  Then there is all the other Pd contributors, but I have to  
stop somewhere otherwise this email will never end.



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to benefit those who profit from scarcity."
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