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i believe he was just making shorthand references to one of the bigger, 
more radical aspects of XP that sets it apart:


      Pair Programming

All production software in XP is built by two programmers, sitting side 
by side, at the same machine. This practice ensures that all production 
code is reviewed by at least one other programmer, and results in better 
design, better testing, and better code.

It may seem inefficient to have two programmers doing "one programmer's 
job", but the reverse is true. Research into pair programming 
<http://www.pairprogramming.com> shows that pairing produces better code 
in about the same time as programmers working singly. That's right: two 
heads really are better than one!

Some programmers object to pair programming without ever trying it. It 
does take some practice to do well, and you need to do it well for a few 
weeks to see the results. Ninety percent of programmers who learn pair 
programming prefer it, so we highly recommend it to all teams.

Pairing, in addition to providing better code and tests, also serves to 
communicate knowledge throughout the team. As pairs switch, everyone 
gets the benefits of everyone's specialized knowledge. Programmers 
learn, their skills improve, they become move valuable to the team and 
to the company. Pairing, even on its own outside of XP, is a big win for 

Mathieu Bouchard wrote:

>On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>>This allows Pd users to practice 'extreme programming' (aka 'XP') in
>>realtime over the internet.  XP is the practice of 2 or more
>>programmers working on the same code at the same time collaboratively.
>Collaborative programming may be nice, but I'm sorry to tell you that it's
>not what Extreme Programming is at all.
>Here is a webpage that explains it better than I ever could, as it is
>written by Ron Jeffries himself.
>	http://www.xprogramming.com/xpmag/whatisxp.htm
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