pd-render object WAS: Re: [PD] xp4pd - extreme programming over the network

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Thu Dec 18 16:51:40 CET 2003


right, there is nothing in toxy, which should make anybody think:
this is the way to go about a gui for Pd.

One goal of the widget part of toxy is to have a proper
``performance gui'' (as in gripd) integrated with the Pd editor
(as in max) -- sort of a hybrid of the two paradigms.  This would
ever be just a client of whatever shape the Pd gui takes at the

(The main goal of the widget part, however, is to promote the idea
of a performer's and composer's widget set -- widgets being
reusable plug-ins, a standard protocol for connecting them to
a host, etc.  This is still a very vague idea, though.)

Tot is just (an extremely simple) way of extending (the already
present) communication between the two layers of Pd, by means of
scripting.  Scripting is done in tcl, but switching to anything
else is trivial.  Tot is in no way dependent on tk.

The plustot part, which I am about to release soon, is all about
tcl, indeed, but has nothing to do with the Pd gui.


Frank Barknecht wrote:
> I don't think, something so tied to a toolkit as toxy is the way to go
> in the long run.

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