[PD] Sending negative numbers over OSC

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Fri Dec 19 01:03:59 CET 2003

I posted this a while back, I fixed it by turning typetags off.

Problem is I can't send file paths with typetags off so I switch it on and
off depending  on the message I send (yuck!)

Martin Peach posted a patch/fix I think, check the archives.

Does the maintainer for OSCx read this list??

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Subject: [PD] Sending negative numbers over OSC

> Hallo,
> it occured to me, that sending negative floats over OSC doesn't work
> here. I'm using OSC ver: 0.2.
> As soon as I send something below zero, this comes out:
> 4.29497e+09
> which is very large and the same for all negative numbers. Aren't
> negative number supposed to be sent over OSC? Or is this a bug in
> Pd-OSC?
> ciao
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