[PD] Sending negative numbers over OSC

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Dec 19 02:23:30 CET 2003

B. Bogart hat gesagt: // B. Bogart wrote:

> I posted this a while back, I fixed it by turning typetags off.
> Problem is I can't send file paths with typetags off so I switch it on and
> off depending  on the message I send (yuck!)
> Martin Peach posted a patch/fix I think, check the archives.

Thanks, I've found it, Martin wrote:
In OSCx/OSC/dumpOSC.c line 743, in the function

 SETFLOAT(mya+myargc,ntohl(*((int *) p)));
 SETFLOAT(mya+myargc,(signed)ntohl(*((int *) p)));

...since ntohl returns an unsigned integer, you get 0xFFFFFFFF for -1,
which equals 4294967295 decimal...

I'll try this tomorrow and after that will commit it to CVS.

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