[PD] imagemagick --enable shared

sara kolster sara at x-i.net
Fri Dec 19 11:14:26 CET 2003

Hi Rob,

Can you remember when you were changing the .info file from Imagemagick, 
if you did this in the terminal or in Fink. Cause when i tried this in 
Fink, it wouldn't let me save the file, but when i did it in the 
terminal it was easy to do.

I'm just thinking, if you did this via Fink, maybe the file wasn't 
saved? So maybe you installed Imagemagick without --enable shared. [I 
just try to come up with some 'possibilities']

And does anyone know if PDP doesn't run when Imagemagick isn't installed 
with --enable shared?


robcanning wrote:

>> I just tried that in my terminal, but it says:
>> [okaras:/] sara# echo $LD_RUN_PATH
>> LD_RUN_PATH: Undefined variable.
>> sara
> the same with mine....should we replace the $ variable with something?
> rob
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> robcanning
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