[PD] PD "Projector", Executables or similar

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Dec 19 17:16:26 CET 2003

Richard Skelton hat gesagt: // Richard Skelton wrote:

> PD/GEM looks like an incredibly flexible and powerful A-V development
> environment, but am I right in thinking you need both installed and
> configured on a target machine in order to run a completed
> patch/abstraction?

You need a rather complete Pd, there is no "Pd runtime" like there is
a Max/MSP runtime. Most peeps here don't see this as a problem (I
suppose), because Pd is free software and can thus be distributed
freely. Just include Pd in your CD-ROMs in versions for the popular
operating systems Win, Mac and Linux. You can run Pd completely from
CD, and with things like Knoppix you don't even need to have an OS

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