[PD] Sending negative numbers over OSC

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Dec 19 19:18:20 CET 2003

Martin Peach hat gesagt: // Martin Peach wrote:

> In your original post you said
> "it occured to me, that sending negative floats over OSC doesn't work
> here
> "

Yes, I wrote this, but actually after that found out, that -1.01
works, but -1.00 didn't.

> ... I admit I never tried it myself before 'fixing' it, but it still 
> works...

I could of course include it in the CVS, as well. Just speak up, if I
should. I didn't really try to understand the inner worlings of OSC
yet, and I'm not *that* eager to actually maintain it ;)

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