[PD] keyboard input

b b at euda.org
Sat Dec 20 04:47:41 CET 2003

dear PD-list,

i'm new to pd and would like to use it for some idea i had on my mind 
for quite some time.

i'm mostly interested in what has already been done with pd and the 
standard computer-keyboard as the input device for real time objects, 
and further to control/play sound (sampler/synth) with its keys.

would the list be so kind to report me about anything you ever stumbled 
on that involved pd processing keyboard input?

i hope that doesn't smell too strong like the cliché'ish 
hi-i'm-new-here-please-tell-me-everything-you-know first-time-posting. 
so far i'm merely interested in this single aspect of pd and actually 
have no time to waste.

hi, i'm new here.

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