[PD] Imagemagick --enable-shared

sara at x-i.net sara at x-i.net
Sat Dec 20 18:12:10 CET 2003


Finally i succeeded in installing Imagemagick in the right place, with
--enable-shared. I installed the lib by source.
Now i'm at the point of changing my .pdrc file, but i cannot find it. It's a
hidden file; i tried lots of find-commands, but all of them didn't work out. It
is not located in my home-directory. 

Another question that i had; Do i have to ./configure / make install pdp_pidip
after moving the folder pdp_pidip_osx to the directory: /usr/local/lib/pd?

Sorry, it's not clear to me if it is a binary or not.


my pd-directory looks like this:
INSTALL_NOTES.txt   buildall      copying     include            scaf
Makefile            changes.log    debug      modules            system
Makefile.config     config.og      doc        opengl             tags
Makefile.config.in  config.status  externs    pdp.pd_darwin       todo
abstractions        configure      extra      pidip-modules      todo.exp
bin                 configure.ac   guile      readme

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