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Sun Dec 21 23:21:18 CET 2003

> From: b <b at euda.org>
> Subject: [PD] keyboard input
> dear PD-list,
> i'm new to pd and would like to use it for some idea i had on my mind 
> for quite some time.
> i'm mostly interested in what has already been done with pd and the 
> standard computer-keyboard as the input device for real time objects, 
> and further to control/play sound (sampler/synth) with its keys.
> would the list be so kind to report me about anything you ever stumbled 
> on that involved pd processing keyboard input?

Using the key and keyname objects, you can map almost any keyboard input.
I use the Key object to track the letters and numbers' ascii code and
keyname for all the other keys. The reason why not to use keyname for
every key is that the keyname object coupled with a select object sends
two bangs (key_on, key_off). If you want to trigger stuff, you have to
cut off one bang (I use spigot to do it).

Enter is key 10, Spacebar is 32. Uppercase letters share a difference of
32 with their lowercase partner.
I've had problems with the F10 key, it was acting as a pause button. F11
is called L1 and F12 is L2. Print Screen and Pause are both labeled ??
(note that print screen has latency problems).

I like to use F1 to F8 to trigger stuff, F11 for mdi on/off and F12 for
audio on/off. Letters for sequencing info. 

Anyway, I have a patcher that maps most of the keyboard inputs located

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