[PD] libGL

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Mon Dec 22 14:36:09 CET 2003


this libGL problem you get is certainly
a problem of X11 version as libGL is installed with X11.

i can't really trace which version we used as the machine
is quite far from me now. All i know about it,
it is that it was :

iBook 900Mhz G3
OSX 10.2.8

> my pd.command looks like this now:
> #!/bin/sh \
> /usr/local/bin/pd \ 

why do you put these '\' everywhere in your files ??,
they DO have a meaning : it means it's only one line of command

line1 \

actually means : "line1 line2" as a command so beware of this
( i think it's ok in the docs ).

> Those were the questions till now. Hope anyone can help me further.. 
> My plan is to start 2004 with pdp running.. ;) 

i can see you try hard,
but all of this is just a matter of accuracy
with binary releases,
you need to have the same versions that the ones
it's been compiled with.
Santa Klaus can't help ))



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