[PD] Re: [PD-announce] sIgpAck 0.02 for win32

David Kendall dkendall at calarts.edu
Tue Dec 23 21:16:41 CET 2003

Now when I add the flag -lib sIgpAck_setup() when I load Pd-0.37 (on
windows), I still get the message
sIgpAck_setup(): can't load library
Is there something that needs to go between the parentheses? Is there still
something else to try? I'm running Pd on windows98 (!!!) ... could that have
something to do with it?

> it said "-lib sIgpAtch" and not "-lib sigpack"
> note the upper/lower-cases!
> actually the "-lib" flags means 2 things:
> a) open the specified file (with an added suffix , like dll). since you
> are on windows the case of the filename doesn't matter.
> however there is still the 2nd thingie:
> b) try to execute a specially named function; this function is named
> <libraryname>_setup(); in your case it is sIgpAck_setup().
> and although the windows filesystem is not case-sensitive (as noted
> above), C is, and most externals are written in C (or C++ which is the
> same in terms of case-sensitivity)
> these are 2 completely different things.
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> IOhannes
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