[PD] overriding gsl error

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Dec 24 02:00:03 CET 2003

wow, great news, you finally made it !!
so it will be there for christmas ))

this gsl error handler you get is really not a serious warning,
it should even be info, Tom, no?
you can go ahead..

it seems the libraries are loaded now.
did you try any of the examples?
( note you should read some movies from your hard drive
that are supported by libquicktime :
the best ones are photo-JPEG ones ).

so, maybe, the teaching of all of this is that
what we released only works on MAC OSX Panther.
maybe, rob could add this too to his installation notes.

thanx for having been so patient,
we're sorry of the poor support here,
but i didin't ask for a MAC for Xmas.


sara kolster wrote:

> Hi,
> Due to x11 problems, i updated to OSX.3 [panther] and installed the 
> apple X11 plus X11SDK and made it being recognized by Fink. And 
> repeated the rest of the installation of the libs and pd[p] pidip.
> I get the following output when i start pd[p]:
> PDP: pure data packet
> PDP: version 0.12.1
> tried /usr/local/lib/pd/pdp_pidip_osx/pdp.pd_darwin and succeeded
> PDP: pure data packet
> PDP: version 0.12.1
> pdp_matrix_setup: WARNING: overriding gsl error handler.
> PiDiP : additional video processing objects for PDP : version 0.12.10 
> ( ydegoyon at free.fr )
> Is this pdp_matrix_setup: WARNING:  something familiar to anyone of 
> you? Is this 'ignorable' or not?
> Sara
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