[PD] overriding gsl error

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Dec 24 05:01:19 CET 2003

Lex Ein wrote:

> Congratulations, indeed, but is there a _compelling_ reason for this 
> Pd external to be dependant on 10.3 Panther?
> Lots of folks won't pay for that OS upgrade until it's stable. There 
> are rumblings of a class-action suit anyways. 

although we did a binary release that seems to be only compatible with 
because of X server issues ( which are not really clear to me yet ),
you can still recompile the package for any release of OSX.
you'll need the development packages too
instead of only the libraries,
but you can get all with Fink.

> Great: free software on a moving-target expensive-to-upgrade OS. Just 
> like Windows. 

mm, seems to me you're running an expensive OS already,
the other alternative is using linux where pdp will work without 
I did that OSX release out of requests from MAC users
and i'm not intending to sell anything or help Apple's business in any way.

> Serious kudos to Sara for persistence, though.
> And happy holidays,
> Lex

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