[PD] Re: successfull installation?

sara kolster sara at x-i.net
Wed Dec 24 13:04:49 CET 2003


> yes, sure, when installing as root,
> you need then to give read/write/excution rights
> to the other users with a command like :
> sudo chmod -R 777 pdp_pidip_osx
> ( this gives all permissions )
If i'm in pd and click on bang, a panel opens which shows all my 
'normal' files, but not the /usr/ tree. Those are hidden. I'm still 
figuring out, if it's possible on osx3 to see all my files instead of 
the files that osx decided to let me see.

> you should click on the bang that is before the openpanel object,
> it should open a file dialog to let you choose a movie
> ( a photo-jpeg one ), then you should click on play and a window 
> should appear ...
> as rob said , it might be minimized at first , you'll only be able
> to see a small icon then you should resize it
> ( a silly thing in apple's X11 server, i think ).

I'm able to open a quicktime, but then it shows this:

pdp_qt: opening /Volumes/bospeen/FCP/schrijf.mov
pdp_qt: video stream found (180x144 pixels, 25 fps, 1747 frames, rpza codec)
pdp_qt: using colormodel RGB888
pdp_qt: /Volumes/bospeen/FCP/schrijf.mov opened

pd_gui: pd process exited
/Applications/Pd.command: line 3:   830 Segmentation fault      
/usr/local/bin/pd -rt
[Process completed]

And, is it normal that the cursor in my terminal-window is still moving 
down? Is it trying to load something, or is it just a 

Thanx for your help again.


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