[PD] back to simple questions.. bonk~/ toggle

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Sat Dec 27 02:46:47 CET 2003

you're patch works for me... i notice that taping on my laptop often 
sends two click sounds, so the toggle instantly turns on then off 
again...  otherwise, are you sure you have "computer audio" on?

Shintaro Miyazaki wrote:

> hello dear list
> I searched the archive, but didnt succed.
> So I ask again a simple question..
> I wanna combine the bonk~ object with a toggle, because I want to 
> start and finish something with a live-audio input (percussion sound).
> The best way I could think of was just to connect bonk~ with a bang 
> and then with a toggle.
> But it doesnt work..
> Please help..
> thank you
> cheers miyazaki_s from basle
> www.netzknoten.net/miyazaki_s

independent u.s. drum'n'bass -- http://vitriolix.com

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