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I can't really tell what you're problems exactly are, but on the Lesstif 
--> http://www.lesstif.org/FAQ.html#QU2.7
there is something mentioned about the problems of recognizing the X11R5 
or R6 libraries.

Another way is to configure lesstif with a flag. This is information i 
found on:

--> http://www.lesstif.org/INSTALL.html#Building

Getting configure to find everything configure identifies a large number 
of aspects of your computer system, it checks for all those 
prerequisites <http://www.lesstif.org/INSTALL.html#Prerequisites> listed 
Two things that configure looks for on your machine are:

    * X11 headers and libraries
    * Motif® headers and libraries (optional)

Now many people who have Motif® on their system don't use LessTif. Hmm. 
Wonder why that is. Anyway, it wouldn't make much sense if you needed 
Motif® in order to build LessTif. The good news is: you don't need it. 
The only reason why you can tell configure where to find Motif® is so it 
can configure the Makefiles under test/ to be capable of building 
LessTif as well as Motif® tests.

configure will tell you where it has found them if it found them. If it 
didn't find X, you'll have to specify the path on configure's command 
line. Use these two options:


And to specify the Motif® stuff, use these:


To specify the location of the various bits, you have to set these flags 
equal to something. An example on how to do this is:

configure --x-includes=/usr/local/X11R6/include

The other flags behave identically.

Maybe this will help you further.


Maximilian Marcoll wrote:

>hi all!
>i'm trying to compile snd and mix under mac os 10.3.
>i downloaded a binary version of mix, but it won't run due to the lack
>of the libXm.2.dylib.
>when i try to "make" it, i can't even build lesstif, because it doesn't
>see my X11R6.
>my affords to build snd have been in vain...
>google on libXm.2.dylib doesn't seem to help.
>can anybody point me some good resources (or a solution)?
>any help or comments are much appreciated.
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