[PD] munger~

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Sat Dec 27 20:18:45 CET 2003

Hi Tim,

I just tried it, and got the same thing when I made one on the canvas. 
Using the one in the help file and sending it some input and messages 
fixed it, and it ran at 4-18%. But invoking it with no arguments, 
messages or inputs seems to cause trouble. Anybody's guess as to why. 
Try opening the one in the help file and sending it some messages to 
figure out which one is critical. I think my CPU useage went down after 
sending it a "position" variable....

That said, this object is really weird, and doesn't really seem to 
behave very well in the 10 or so minutes I just spent examining it. I 
have made a few granulated delay lines myself before, but this one 
doesn't seem to work as well as I would expect. Maybe better to DIY one?


Tim Blechmann wrote:
> hi all,
> i tried out the munger~ object, but it takes too much of cpu power, so i
> doubt, that it's working correctly
> one munger~ object needs about 200 percent of my cpu to run ... on a 2.5
> GHz machine which seems to be a bit too high...

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