[PD] [ot] missing libraries

Maximilian Marcoll marcoll at folkwang-hochschule.de
Sun Dec 28 14:03:16 CET 2003

> --x-includes
> --x-libraries
> And to specify the Motif® stuff, use these:
> --with-motif-includes
> --with-motif-libraries
> To specify the location of the various bits, you have to set these flags
> equal to something. An example on how to do this is:
> configure --x-includes=/usr/local/X11R6/include

well, i tryed this, but still, configure doesn't find my X11R6...

i have no idea...

and i have few more problems: when trying to make guile i get a parse

how can that be! can anyone point me to a working version?



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