[PD] Max/Msp Patches

Eric Skogen eskogen at usfamily.net
Tue Feb 3 19:13:37 CET 2004

Cyclone is here: 
http://suita.chopin.edu.pl/~czaja/miXed/externs/cyclone.html. Looks like 
there are no binaries for darwin, so you'll want to build from source.

To clarify, Pd does not emulate Max, so it might be hard to port your 
patches. Jitter and GUI-intensive stuff, especially. IIRC there is a 
"cyclist" executable that will convert binary patches to the text 
patches that are readable by Pd.

-- eric

Frank Barknecht wrote:

>tobias hat gesagt: // tobias wrote:
>>does someone know, how to use Max/Msp patches in pd. With "open" i can 
>>choose to enable Max files, but it doesnt work. i get some messages 
>>"cant creat object ..." for the nonexisting objects but the patch 
>>doesnt open. (using OS X and Max 4.3 and pd 0.37).
>You can only open Max patches in text format (*.pat). Installing
>Cyclone will let Pd create much more of the Max objects, that are
>missing. But if you get Max patches, that use, say, a lot of Jitter
>objects, you're out of luck. Otherwise some missing objects can be
>emulated a bit by providing abstractions that have the same number of
>in- and outlets. You still will need to write the functionality of
>the missing objects then.

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