[PD] newbie first aid

florian grassl souterrain at web.de
Tue Feb 3 03:43:00 CET 2004


haven't figured all out, i suppose but you could try (keep in mind my pd is 0.37 on xp)

//We have several gif-sequences (each 32 pics).

make an .avi file from the pics -each frame one gif

//The first problem we have is: The sequence should start by pressing a 
(doesn't matter wich one) midi-key.

use a [notein] object : if you press a key on you midi device it puts out the number of the key to the first inlet as well as a bang. 

//After that the pix-video should start by showing one frame by another =
with a time delay of 0.3 seconds in between until the
32th picture was shown 0.3 seconds. 

use the bang of the midikey to start a [metro] which starts a counter. set the metro number to do it in the right speed. don' t use an autoplay for the pix_video but a [frame $1( message  which will cycle through the frames = play the images in a row.

//If no other key (for starting an =
other gif-sequence) was pressed,  the video should be looped. 

set the counter to a upper limit of 31 (0 is the first actual number)

//If anotherkey was pressed, the other sequence should start after the 32th picture =
from the 1st video.

hmm, you might want to use again a notein which starts of a metro as well but with a [spigot] before the counter. then use a [match] from the maxlib external to compare with the last frame of the already playing seq. = [match 31]
put out a bang at 31st frame wich starts your second metro and stops your first one.

//The whole thing should stop after the 320th shown picture and start =
again, when you press a key on the keyboard.

make another [match] to switch all metros off via [0( message.

haven't tried it all but i hope it helps.

viel glueck,


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