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RTaylor ricktaylor at speakeasy.net
Tue Feb 3 04:51:43 CET 2004

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>as for the media arts funding, this is from where my (and many others on this 
>list) primary income derives; grants, research funding and performances. 
>however, the 'media market' you speak of is not centred around point of sale 
>goods and rarely is it even software services. work (digital artifacts or 
>softwares) are not bought and sold. instead an artist is paid to present or 
>show in a given festival. 

 Custom systems would probably qualify as an art form.

 If one were to set up a lisp audio workstation {something like Kyma... and
featuring pd, cm, snd, osw, stk, etc, etc and maybe base it on gnustep and
musickit as well} one could probably get fine art prices for it.

>like the good ol' days before the copyright FUD, recording artists made income 
>not from record sales but from concerts. strangely the microeconomics of the 
>'media arts scene' has been this way since it's conception.


>less money is spent on software by media artists than painters on paint. this 
>may be BS, if so prove it to me (& design companies don't count). typically 
>artists themselves don't buy software, though often they will pay for a 
>developer or consultant to assist in production.  

 Last time I bought a tube of paint... Winsor Newton cadmiums were going for
~$50 a tube. ...Linen can run up to hundreds for a yard... figure an easy $50
for a standardish stretcher...  I've gone through an entire tube of cad red on
many paintings and I don't paint all that heavily. Winsor Newtons not, by any
means, the most expensive paint {you can spend hundreds a tube... I've
spent $90 a tube for colors.} Decent brushes can run you a couple of hundred
apiece { http://www.dickblick.com/zz052/98a/products.asp?param=0&ig_id=6275 
again... not the most expensive.} and I can easily burn up a new bright on one

 This artist buys his own software...
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