[PD] A newbie needs first aid!

Bradon Webb amodiuslonodium at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 10:19:20 CET 2004

here is an attached patch that I worked up for you.

This is assuming you have MIDI and Framestien
configured for PD.

I used ctlin for a generic MIDI trigger, because I
have a doepfer controler only, you may need to change
this to a notein object if you are planning on playing
a keyboard for triggers.  Then you might need to
change the routing numbers to corespond to the same
MIDI notes, i.e. route 60 (middle c) - 70 to get the
correcty triggered sequence.

I has some problems reading gif...  I don't know that
much about gifs, I never use them. I replaced using a
bmp seq instead.  so what you will need to do is make
folders with each of your bmp sequences seperate.  You
can then buffer/ read to the directory of each
sequence and play the frames that way.  It should also
work with a Jpg sequence.

This is all a bit thrown together.  there may be other
possibilities of how to get this to work.

Best of luck!


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