[PD] A newbie needs first aid!

Bradon Webb amodiuslonodium at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 15:32:18 CET 2004


you would not be needing Gem... it is for 3D graphics
and from what I can tell, you just want a video
sequence to play.  You do however need to run
Framestien inside PD to handle the video commands.  I
do not have the link where you can download it
handy... In fact I cannot seem to find where it used
to be now that I am doing a search for Framestien???? 
Did it move???

anyways you will need to find framestien and follow
the documentation on how to install it.  I think it
can be as simple as placing Framestien within your PD
directory, and double click the FS icon to run FS. 
You must be running PD at the time you start FS. 
Oh... you might need to set a path to the Framestien
directories so that PD will know where to look for
files like "fs.main" and "fs.frame".  It has been a
while since I have set Framestien up and I run
everything from a .bat file and again I am away from
my computer so I cannot tell exactly how I have things
set up.

hope that helps

--- Mario Wienerroither <digitalofen at gmx.at> wrote:
> WOW, thank you very, very much! I never thought
> someone would spend such a
> lot of time in helping us PD - greenhorns. I hope, i
> can finish the project
> till 18.00 - it's 12.00 right now (cause there is
> the presentation), but I'm
> positive minded.
> Everything seems to work right now! I converted my
> gifs into bmps and no
> errors occur. the one and only problem is, that I
> can see nothing. No GEM
> (or other video window) shows up. Could that be
> because of the missing
> Framestien - configuration? When I open your patch,
> the 'fs.frame video' -
> box has no connectors. Just the same with 'fs main'.
> How can I solve this
> last problem? Please help me out one more time.
> Thanks a lot, and hopefully till then
> Mario

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