[PD] A newbie needs first aid!

Rory Walsh rorytheroar at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 16:31:56 CET 2004

If you only want to use Gem and not framestien, open
the MultiImage.pd file in the Pix folder of the Gem
examples. I think this is what you want? BTW, I once
posted a question to this list when I was a student, I
got a great answer and patch containing the solution
only to find out that my lecturer was also subsribed
to the list! Be warned! Good luck with the assignment!


 --- Bradon Webb <amodiuslonodium at yahoo.com> wrote: >
> you would not be needing Gem... it is for 3D
> graphics
> and from what I can tell, you just want a video
> sequence to play.  You do however need to run
> Framestien inside PD to handle the video commands. 
> I
> do not have the link where you can download it
> handy... In fact I cannot seem to find where it used
> to be now that I am doing a search for
> Framestien???? 
> Did it move???
> anyways you will need to find framestien and follow
> the documentation on how to install it.  I think it
> can be as simple as placing Framestien within your
> PD
> directory, and double click the FS icon to run FS. 
> You must be running PD at the time you start FS. 
> Oh... you might need to set a path to the Framestien
> directories so that PD will know where to look for
> files like "fs.main" and "fs.frame".  It has been a
> while since I have set Framestien up and I run
> everything from a .bat file and again I am away from
> my computer so I cannot tell exactly how I have
> things
> set up.
> hope that helps
> Bradon  
> --- Mario Wienerroither <digitalofen at gmx.at> wrote:
> > WOW, thank you very, very much! I never thought
> > someone would spend such a
> > lot of time in helping us PD - greenhorns. I hope,
> i
> > can finish the project
> > till 18.00 - it's 12.00 right now (cause there is
> > the presentation), but I'm
> > positive minded.
> > Everything seems to work right now! I converted my
> > gifs into bmps and no
> > errors occur. the one and only problem is, that I
> > can see nothing. No GEM
> > (or other video window) shows up. Could that be
> > because of the missing
> > Framestien - configuration? When I open your
> patch,
> > the 'fs.frame video' -
> > box has no connectors. Just the same with 'fs
> main'.
> > How can I solve this
> > last problem? Please help me out one more time.
> > 
> > Thanks a lot, and hopefully till then
> > 
> > Mario
> > 
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