[PD] sending a bang using netsend

Adrian deCleir 0031259 at student.ul.ie
Tue Feb 3 18:46:13 CET 2004

ok  sorry I didnt really explain it properly, I have it working alright, its
just Im using the bang to tell the other person that Im connecting or
disconnecting, so its working for the connecting part but it doesnt show up
on the other persons pc for the disconnecting part, this is obviously coz
its disconnected, you dont have any ideas of how to tell it to send the bang
and THEN disconnect,
cheers anyway guys

I read:
> but I cant seem to able to send a bang, what Ive tried is
> the bang(the black circle) -> send  -> netsend

how about (*)
          [send bang (
          [netsend ...]



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